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1:1 lessons tailor-made to suit your needs

Your learning, your choice

Everyone has their own reasons to learn a foreign language, and therefore we shouldn't all necessarily follow the same programme. Are you in a rush to be able to have basic conversations in Spanish so you can communicate with your partner's family, learn functional Spanish so you can move around once you retire in Spain or speak and understand enough to get by during your upcoming holiday? When you book lessons with us, the first thing we do is find out why you want to learn and what your goals are, and then we create a personalised plan to help you achieve them. By focusing on what's useful and relevant to you, we can make progress a lot quicker and help you stay motivated

How do our bespoke 1:1 lessons work?

Writing notes in the workspace

Individual one-to-one lesson (60min)

Online or in-person



Block of 6 one-to-one 60min lessons

Online or in-person

£240 (£40/h)

Sharing Food

Block of 12 one-to-one 60min lessons

Online or in-person

£420 (£35/h)

If you would like more information about 1:1 lessons, book a free 15-min call below and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have


Book your individual class or preferred block (6 or 12 lessons) through our website and choose a date for our first session. If you're not sure what to go for or have any questions, book a free 15-minute call first so we can help you decide. 


During our first session, we will assess your level and make a personalised plan for you based on your individual goals. This session will be free of charge, so you'll still have your full class or block available to use. 


This is where your Spanish learning journey starts! You choose when and where to learn - we offer both in-person and online classes. The content will be based on your personalised plan and the focus will always be to get you talking!


We will revisit your learning objectives regularly so we can make adjustments, address any knowledge gaps, provide your with more practice when needed and incorporate new content as required. You can request this at any time.

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