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Welcome to Get Talking Spanish

A chalkboard with the question 'Do you speak Spanish?' written on it, a Spanish flag, some pencils and Spanish books

Our Story

Get Talking Spanish was born from a genuine need that we identified in the world of language learning. As avid travellers ourselves, we understand the frustrations of arriving in a foreign land and struggling to communicate beyond basic phrases.

While there are countless apps and Spanish courses out there, we realised that none truly catered to the unique needs of those who are looking to be able to communicate confidently when they travel to a Spanish-speaking country, so we decided to create them and make them as practical as possible to ensure that we get you talking in no time. 

We also believe in the importance of exposing children to foreign languages as early as possible and that's why we offer exciting and engaging Spanish sessions for children delivered by a qualified and experienced native Spanish teachers with full PVG, who make learning Spanish fun and exciting for your little ones.  

Why learn Spanish?

Only you can answer that question! If you are here, there is probably a reason why you want to be able to speak Spanish, and that reason will be different from someone else’s. Yes, we could tell you that Spanish is the second most-spoken language worldwide, but that only matters if it’s useful to you.


Over the years, we have met countless people in the UK - and other places in the world - who say they would love to be able to speak Spanish, yet most of them don’t for one reason or another. It takes too long! I spend too much time learning irrelevant stuff and lose my motivation! The grammar is too difficult! You name it.


Our goal is to offer courses that get you talking as quickly as possible, using language that is relevant to you and having fun along the way. 

If you're wondering how learning Spanish can benefit your child, you should know that by being exposed to a second language from an early age, children not only acquire language skills more effortlessly but also gain valuable cognitive benefits, such as improved problem-solving abilities, enhanced creativity, and heightened cultural awareness. A play-based approach fosters a love for learning, making language acquisition an enjoyable and natural process, setting a strong foundation for a lifetime of multilingual proficiency and global opportunities. 

Why us

Simply because there aren’t any other courses out there that will help you learn what you need in such a practical way. Our exclusive Practical Spanish for Travel courses have been carefully developed by a highly experienced native teacher to provide you with useful language that will come in handy if you are planning on traveling to a Spanish-speaking country and want to be able to communicate with confidence. 

Similarly, if you decide to book our 1:1 lessons, you will be the one deciding what is the focus and we will design a personalised programme to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to be able to talk to your partner's family, learn Spanish for professional purposes or prepare for an exam, we've got you covered!

If you're looking at Spanish classes for children, by choosing Get Talking Spanish you can rest assured that they will be taught by a fully qualified native teachers with extensive experience teaching languages to children internationally and who are able to create and deliver fun and engaging classes for your little ones. To learn more about them, go to meet the team

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