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Practical Spanish courses that get you talking from day one

Learn enough Spanish to communicate confidently when visiting a Spanish-speaking country in just eight weeks, without spending hours learning complex grammar or trying to remember endless vocabulary lists. With our Practical Spanish for Travel courses, you will learn useful and relevant Spanish in small groups, in a relaxed and supportive environment. Sessions are facilitated by an experienced native teacher who will provide you will plenty of opportunities to practice and will help you build the confidence you need to get talking

This course is for you if...

a chalkboard with the question hablas espanol_ do you speak Spanish_ written in Spanish, a

You know zero or very little Spanish

Yes! Even if you did Spanish at school and know how to order a drink or two and ask for the bill. 

Learn Spanish for Travel in just eight weeks

You feel that you should 'make an effort'

You travel to Spain so often you could be fluent by now and you keep telling yourself you're going to learn... but you haven't yet.

Learn Spanish in Edinburgh

You can say and/or understand some words

But you can't really string a sentence together in Spanish and freeze if somebody asks you a question.

Spanish evening courses Edinburgh

You have spent enough time and/or money

Using apps that help you learn vocabulary and nothing else and taking courses that just don't work for you.

Learn Spanish for Travel in Edinburgh

You would like to learn enough basic Spanish 

So you can have a conversation with the locals while on holiday and visit places without worrying people won't speak English.

Spanish group classes in Ediburgh

You are determined to improve your Spanish

And want to do so in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment while you have a good time and meet other people. 


We take a unique approach to language learning, prioritising relevant vocabulary and structures over complex grammar and unnecessary vocabulary. We understand that your goal is to be able to speak Spanish confidently during your holiday, so we focus on teaching you the essentials that you’ll use on a daily basis. 

Small Group Learning

At Get Talking Spanish we believe that learning in small groups is the most effective way to develop your Spanish skills. Our sessions are designed to provide a supportive and interactive environment where you can practice speaking and listening with other participants and allow for personalised attention from an experienced native teacher. 

Experienced Native Teacher

Your learning will be facilitated by a native Spanish speaker with extensive teaching experience in different countries who understands the challenges learners face and is dedicated to help you overcome them. With her guidance, you’ll build a solid foundation in Spanish and develop the confidence needed to use the language in real-life situations. 

Practical Vocabulary and Structures

Instead of overwhelming you with complex grammar and vocabulary that you won’t necessarily use, we focus on practical structures that are relevant to your travel needs. From asking for and giving personal information, to booking a table and ordering food at a restaurant or finding your way and being able to move around using public transport, we’ll teach you the phrases and expressions that will make your interactions in Spanish enjoyable and effortless. You will be given plenty of opportunities to practise these during the sessions to help you build your confidence and remember them. 

All materials included

And emailed to you if you can't make it to a session. You don’t need to worry about buying text books or constantly taking notes. If you’re keen to continue practising at home to reinforce what we’ve learnt, your teacher will provide you with optional homework and can also recommend a text book for you to use at home. If you miss any sessions, you will receive an email outlining what was done during the class which will also include all materials used. This way, you will always know exactly what has been covered and decide if you need to book an online, 30-minute catch-up session with your teacher. 

Catch-up Sessions So You Don't Fall Behind

We understand that sometimes you may have to miss a class in your Spanish course. That’s why we offer catch-up sessions to help you keep on track and stay motivated. A catch-up session is a personalised 30-minute online session with your dedicated teacher, which can be booked online for your convenience. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions, clarify doubts, and go through the content and materials you missed in a previous class. There is one catch-up session included in the price of your eight-week course. Additional sessions can be booked for £15 and are subject to availability. 

Optional self-study

Whilst you are not required to do any self-study for your course, we highly encourage doing some revision at home if you have time to do so and practicing as much as possible. If you would like to be given homework, simply ask your teacher and she will provide you with it and mark it for you once you have completed it as well as answer any questions you might have. Your teacher will also be able to recommend a suitable textbook for those who wish to do some extra self-study. One tip for those who would like to continue learning at home is to keep it short and frequent: you will learn a lot quicker if you spare 30 minutes every day than if you do 3 hours once every fortnight. 

Abstract Background

More about catch-up sessions

The most common reason people drop out of language courses is because the lose their confidence once they have missed a few sessions. We understand that sometimes you may have to miss a class. That’s why we offer catch-up sessions to help you keep on track and stay motivated.


Don’t let a missed class slow down your progress.


With a catch-up session you’ll be able to go through what you missed and stay up to speed with the rest of the class. 


Take advantage of one-to-one time with your teacher, who will tailor the session to your specific needs.


Get the support and guidance you need to succeed in your Spanish learning journey


Feeling like you are falling behind can be discouraging.


By taking advantage of catch-up sessions, you’ll feel confident and motivated to continue learning. 

Please note that catch-up sessions are subject to availability.  

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